Image: Designer Dresses by A Scottish Touch


Each component of a garment deserves equal attention.
No decision regarding style or shape can be made until you decide which physical attributes you would like to emphasise.

This is true for the bride or the party dress.
> NECKLINES – visual impact on face, bust and shoulders
> BODICES – show the torso and are defined by the structure and fit. Bodices must be tailored precisely to the length of the torso.
For many women sensuality is expressed through the choice of neckline and bodice so it’s a good idea to spend time discussing what you really want.
> SLEEVES – can be a design consideration or a necessity
> WAISTLINES – are key to the fit of an item or gown
> SKIRTS – while the shape and fabric will determine the look of a dress the drape and detail determine the outcome
> TRAINS – attached or detachable
> BUSTLES – 3 types - lifting and securing fabrics
Finger loops
Carried and draped over the arm

Whatever the choice, the design can be YOURS!

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