Image: Designer Dresses by A Scottish Touch

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about contacting you?


I am always available by phone or e mail and will get back to you as quickly as possible to make contact and answer any questions.

I like being flexible with my working hours and my clients appreciate this too.

Just simply use our contact form for a quick response. You can even upload a design idea of your own choice.

How do I arrange a consultation with you?


Again, phone, text or e mail is the most common method of arranging a consultation.
If possible, I normally come to you to hear your ideas and discuss your requirements. If you live at a distance, this can be done on line through conversation and web cam.

How do I know if I will like the outfit?


Once I have spoken with you and know what you are looking for I produce Design Sketches, which show the various shapes and ideas behind the design. You will also receive sample fabric and colour swatches, which are big enough to give you a clear indication of what is behind my designs for you.
At this stage you know the estimate of the costs, which are determined also by the fabrics used.
Something called a “Toile” is then made exactly to your measurements and body shape. It’s made of a cotton fabric, which is not part of your outfit.
This garment lets you see the design made up and gives me the opportunity to make any adjustments to the fit.
Once you are happy with the shape and fit the toile is then taken apart and the individual pieces used to cut out your garment in your chosen fabric. Everything is hand made to the highest standards.

How long does it take to make?


The time it takes to make an outfit is different according to the design and style. All items are ready for wearing when agreed at time of placing an order.

How much will it cost?


The cost depends on the garment, the length of time it takes to make and the price of fabrics chosen by you. Most people are pleasantly surprised by what they pay to have an exclusive garment that is handmade to specification.

One of my Bridesmaids lives abroad.
That’s fine too. All I need from her is accurate measurements and if she arrives before the day of the wedding I can have a fitting then to check everything is perfect.

I don’t live near you but would like you to make me an outfit.


This can be arranged at a distance. Again, if I have accurate measurements and good communication with you the garments can be made to measure.

Sometimes people are willing to travel over a weekend for fittings and most of the garments can be finalised this way. I work on the basis that nothing is impossible!

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