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Personal touch

People always tell me how special it is to have something made for them and how patient and understanding I am.

I love what I do and am passionate about listening to what you want and giving you the attention you deserve, so I guess this comes through during the process.
Over the years, I have made clothing for very special people, some of whom have had body shapes that challenge the standard sizes offered from other retailers. This is not a “problem” for me, as the toile fitting allows me to personalise the garment exactly to fit the body you live in.

Choose to have your outfit made and experience what others have said......”I’ve never had anything fit me properly before because of my shape. This is amazing!”

“Everyone should have a dress made just for them”.

“I love the fact that no-one else will have the same outfit”.

“Every shop I went into looked me up and down because I am large and then told me they “don’t do my size! I left in floods of tears. I have never felt so accepted and welcomed before and I got to wear exactly the colour and shape I wanted at my son’s wedding. He was so proud of me too”.

Come and experience the process...this is not for everyone. This is for YOU!

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