Image: Designer Dresses by A Scottish Touch

The Process

  • Consultation
  • Fittings
  • Fabrics

Once you make contact a meeting is arranged during which all your ideas and originality can be discussed and the design stage is started.
This can be at my studio, your own home, or via network communications at a distance.

This is the case for all garments.

At your first consultation we will talk about colour, details, fabrics and styles that suit different shapes and sizes.

Following this, design sketches and fabric samples are put together for you to browse and we begin to narrow down the design from there.
At this stage I am able to quote for the garments from your preferences.

As your outfits are made to measure you incur no alteration charges or any additional hidden costs.
All garments are one – off.

If you are a bride and you are choosing a wedding dress you know it will be one of the most expensive garments you will ever own. However, having it BESPOKE doesn’t cost any more than to buy from a shop.
So, why not have a gown that is PERSONAL to you, your bridesmaids, your mother…that you have been creating and that no one else will ever have!

Your garments will normally require three or four fittings to ensure every detail is exactly correct.

Fittings can be undertaken at your home or in my studio. If you live at a distance we can arrange something to suit. There is always a solution.

”The importance of fittings cannot be overestimated.

All underwear and footwear are required before fittings can take place to ensure accurate measurements and adjustments to body shape.”



The fabric determines everything in clothing design.
The fabric will dictate the shape, drape and cut of a dress.

Basically design is either STRUCTURED or SOFT.

Types of FABRICS:
Duchesse Satin
Satin-polyester blends

Fabrics are selected for the design and samples of suitable fabrics, colours and textures are discussed and delivered to you for approval before purchase.



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